Career on the Sea Merchant Navy

Career on the Sea Merchant Navy

Regardless of how fast the world is changing, career choices regarding the ocean will not be a hindrance. The Merchant Navy's career will continue to flow like a wave. The Merchant Navy is one of only a handful of careers that offers the opportunity to earn a good start in training time.

It gives the world the chance to overtake waves in waves. Moreover, the sea is a life of constant adventure. Merchant Navy is a career in merchant shipping. The medium of this freight is the ship. The men on the ship need a variety of tasks. The life of the men in this maritime trade goes to sea for most of their life. One of these careers is ship management.

Career on the Sea Merchant Navy
Career on the Sea Merchant Navy

Ship management is the process of managing all the work onboard. The ship management is also done by some private companies for other companies. One company has a fleet of 1700 personnel on shore, 24,000 manpower on the coast and 700 onboard management. This Merchant Navy career allows you to have an adventurous life, travel abroad and work a bit differently than your usual high school job. No other job or career has this opportunity. In addition, you can acquire different technical skills with the help of new technology. Leadership qualities can be created. Life can be lived to its fullest.

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At present, there are approximately 50,000 merchant ships worldwide, which trade all kinds of goods. Both coastal and offshore career options are open to you to choose from. As a deck engineer or electro-technical officer you can oversee the operations of commercial ships. These skills range from navigation to engine room maintenance (engine room maintenance) to catering (cooking), hospitality and other onboard services. Offshore jobs in ship management include maritime law, ship surveying or building future manpower, training for them, and so on.

India is investing heavily in the maritime sector at present. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said at a recent conference that the development of ports plays a vital role in the development of the country. Unfortunately, our country's maritime sector is lagging behind on a global scale. But the government has taken priority over its development.

Men once dominated this maritime area, but now women are not far behind. Over the past decade, the career of Merchant Navy has also been marked by girls. The number of women in this field has been increasing in the last few years. An Indian woman has also received the Medal of Honor for her performance in Merchant Navigation.

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