Use of time is valuable time - Essay on Value of Time

Use of time is valuable time - Essay on Value of Time

By considering the teachings of Goswami Tulsidas, it becomes clear that the importance of time is only through the proper use of time. Only through the experiences of narrative talks, discussions, event business, etc. do we understand well that the effect of time is greatest.

Use of time is valuable time - Essay on Value of Time
Use of time is valuable time - Essay on Value of Time
In other words, time affects everyone. With the use of time, poverty turns into richness. The untrue truth proves. Turns into brevity. Similarly, it can be said. That turns into impossible possible. Therefore, any trying person can make miracles by attaining the state of mind by utilizing time properly.

The flow of time is similar to the flowing water flow. Which is difficult and impossible to stop. This fact is very clearly expressed by an English thinker in this way.

Time and Tide wait for none

Similarly, while clarifying the effect of time, another English thinker has rightly suggested. That time is the greatest religion. This is the biggest worship. Therefore, to have a great and successful life in all respects, there is no other option but to worship time.

“No religion is greater than time, time is the greatest dharma.
So believe the time, worship the time if you want to live and if you want to survive ”

Good use of time

All the great men have proved the importance of time. Lord Shri Krishna, while giving sarupadesh to Arjuna, has called himself a time period. Time is the reason for the world. He creates the world. It develops and it also destroys it. Hence time is the reason for time. Kaal is the great era. Mahakal is immense and immense is also going to destroy destruction, apocalypse, destruction and destruction. Therefore, it is not surprising that all the devas, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh Kaal, an integral form of Kaal, are never saved from the influence of art by indulging in mischievous, moldy and slanderous deeds. Then what is the situation in front of the age of ordinary living people.

We see and experience it. That Kaal means one to one great men of the world who have used time properly, have expressed the ideal use of time in an ideal manner. Good use of time opens the door to infinite possibilities and also presents solutions to infinite problems. This is the reason that today's scientist has turned the ears of everyone by turning infinite possibilities into possibilities. In this way it can be said. That being attracted by the possibilities, the constant use of time does not allow every minority of time to get out of hand in any way. This is because they are well experienced in this fact.

The matter coming out of the mouth and the arrow coming out of the bow never come back. Therefore, we should never miss any time by using time properly, otherwise, there can be nothing but repentance.

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